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Web Imagen Tropo por Recepción AIS 162MHz EA5DOM

Esta imagen se actualiza cada 10 minutos, siempre que tenga el receptor en funcionamiento, claro ! ;-)


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RT @BenFeist: Apollo 11 in Real Time is live! Relive the first landing on the Moon for #Apollo50th Includes all film footage, TV broadcast…
About 1 day, 7 hours ago by: EA4EOZ (@ea4eoz)
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RT @jodrellbank: 40 years ago today, @joydivision's Unknown Pleasures was released. Its cover featured signals from the first pulsar CP1919…
About 20 hours, 14 mins ago by: eb3frn (@eb3frn)
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RT @rf_hacking: I tested some antenna feeds for L-band. The best is corner reflector and simple dipole. It is also applicable to use the he…
About 1 month, 1 week ago by: Enric (@EB6AOK)
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RT @n0jy: I got a sorta QSO with @AA5PK on this AO-85 pass, heard several instances of a strong carrier but no audio. At just over 3 1/2 ye…
About 5 hours, 26 mins ago by: AMSAT (@AMSAT)
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RT @cgbassa: Day 3 of the #DSLWP image download/very long baseline interferometry session with @radiotelescoop. We're downloading a sequenc…
About 1 week, 3 days ago by: Dwingeloo Telescoop (@radiotelescoop)

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